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Pasta Deli – Italian Concept Store

6 Mar
Pasta Deli Interiors

Pasta Deli Interiors

Glossy surfaces, bright lights – enter through the gleaming glass doors into Italian deli Mecca. Just 2 weeks into service, ‘Pasta Deli’ stands tall and proud where the old Glynde fire station once was, demanding the attention of all.

Is it a cafe? A pasta shop? An Italian gourmet supplier? Well, it’s everything you want it to be; call it – an Italian SUPERSTORE. Pasta Deli is a gelateria, cheese shop, deli, gourmet store, pasticceria and coffee bar all housed under one roof. Neat! Now, you can pick up dinner whilst enjoying a cuppa, silence the kids with gelati and browse for gourmet gifts all in one enjoyable sweep of the store.

Food Display

Food Display

My dad and I sauntered in for a late afternoon drink and were immediately impressed with the sheer size of the facility. The venue has a large production kitchen which churns out ready-to-go meals (mostly pasta dishes) which can be stored in the freezer for a rainy day, eaten on site or bought as takeaway. Fresh pasta is on offer for purchase (it IS called Pasta Deli..) and a bounty of salads and antipasto sit deliciously on display. The counters heave with imported Italian cheeses whilst cured, cold meats abound. Gourmet condiments and tidbits temp patrons from every corner. So much to eat, so little time.. (and belly space). Service is friendly and helpful, with many offering tastings (score!). However, one does get the sense that the staff are pretty new and there are still a few kinks to work out. Hopefully, efficiency can be polished and the smiley service maintained when business picks up and busy-ness sets in.

Bounty of Cured Cold Meats

Bounty of Cured Cold Meats

We were pleased with our coffee (Segafredo beans the staple here) and at $3 for a regular cappuccino, I’ll say many would be happy to make this their regular coffee stop. I also had a nibble on a petite cannoli – light, crisp pastry though the filling was a little dense. This, with the coffee however, made for a fairly gratifying afternoon pick-me-up.

So if you’re in the area, I’ll definitely recommend checking ‘Pasta Deli’ out.  Pop in, take a breather and grab a bite (or two). Mangia bene, vivi felice! [go on, google it*]

xo Amanda

Cheesy Business

Cheesy Business

Pasta Deli
31-33 Glynburn Rd
Glynde South Australia 5070


Who’s Yo Mama?

1 Dec

Mamachau Exterior

Chalkboard paint slathered on walls, steamers and boilers on the go, throw in a couple of colourful Ikea-hacked stools and you have yourselves a quirky mod-Asian takeout joint. October threw open the curtains to Mamachau, a hole-in-wall daytime feeding spot in the semi-bustling hub of Adelaide’s CBD.

If you’re on Facebook enough, chances are you would have at some point been stricken with a bout of food envy. Happy snaps of fluffy white buns jammed with glistening slivers of pork belly (Mamachau’s Asian Tacos) were enough to send me traipsing  across town for a feed (yeah, like I HAD to go all the way into town to post a letter..).

Masterstock Pork Belly Asian Taco

Masterstock Pork Belly Asian Taco

Straight up, this place is intentionally a “takeaway” institution (less staff, less overheads..a sensible move on the owners part) but kindly provides some seating to a fortunate few. Mamachau’s mantra is to bring a “fresh, healthy take on Asian takeaway” and they certainly do so with cool salad combos, deliciously hearty “Feed Me RiceBowls”, hand-made cold rolls & their pièce de résistance – Asian tacos (or better described as ‘steamed Chinese baos’). This modish take on steamed baos was made famous by the brilliant David Chang of Momofuku fame. I for one, am certainly glad that the “21st-century contemporary bao” has made its way to Adelaide shores.

My little snack of master-stock pork belly Asian taco ($3.50) & a side of spiced lotus root chips ($3) certainly did not disappoint in the flavour department. A squishy white bun gave way to soft & gelatinous hunks of pork belly, intermingling with the crunch of toasted nuts & pickled mustard greens. The lotus chips definitively more-ish; “television snack” material. Certainly up your alley if you’re a chippy type.

With every flavour & textural facet satisfied – yes, I’ll have five more rounds of each please.

Spiced Lotus Chips

Spiced Lotus Chips

Quite literally, although these tasty morsels are bang-on delicious, they are exactly that… – morsels. Each ‘bao’ is akin to the size of a chicken wing, and bearing in mind that you can get a three-piece pack of KFC Wicked Wings for the same price, product value is certainly up for contention (oh dear, I know the price by memory.. Wicked Wing Junkie much?).

There are combos up for offer; for instance the Asian taco combos which yields 2 ‘baos’, one side and a drink. This will set you back $11.50, and my guess is you’ll probably be reaching for the cookies & nuts by 3pm. So if you’re famished, my advice is to opt instead for one of their rice bowls and add an onsen egg.

Mamachau's Menu

Mamachau’s Menu

As a whole, Mamachau is a vibrant addition to the CBD lunch scene. Be prepared to fork out a few more dollars than your average takeaway. That said, it’s perfect if you’re after a light, healthy-esque & likably left-field lunch.

Mamachau on Urbanspoon

Adelaide Fringe – City Eats

13 Feb

Adelaide Dining: (clockwise from top-left) ETC, Nano Ready 2 Go, Yiannis, Leight Street, ETC, Bistro Dom

The Fringe is upon us, the ‘Festival State’ beckons. Indeed, it is finally that time of the year again, when the peaceful (albeit too much sometimes) town of Adelaide rouses from its slumber and blooms into a fanfair of arts, music and mayhem.

If you’re a hungry out-of-towner (tsk*), or a local who “just can’t remember the name of that restaurant..” – then read on, as this writer shares a few personal food favourites within the borders of Adelaide’s CBD.

Brunch. East Terrace Continental (ETC) – a local hotspot for all-day brunch (think big breakfast, fresh pasta, smoothies..). I must stress the IMPORTANCE of ordering their banana pancakes soaked in butterscotch sauce and cream – some knee quivering action here. Nearby, hidden in the crevices of Ebenezer Place, is Nano Ready 2 Go, which features a menu that leans towards the simpler side of life. This writer tends to always order the spaghetti vongole in tomato sauce – an uncomplicated “slurp me up” number. A trek towards Hutt Street reaps its rewards as one settles into artisan pastries and cakes at the petite haven that is Au Matin Calme. The Moet (Champage Mousse Cake) and lemon tart are personal dears. And just a few blocks away is Chianti Classico, arguably Adelaide’s finest dining establishment – breakfast there is a stately affair.

Mid-Range. If you’re looking for a ‘nice-ish’ meal that won’t break the bank, potter over to Wasai for homey, cosy, no-frills Jap. Alternatively, fuel up on mussels, chips and noteworthy Europeans brews at the Belgium Beer Cafe. Amalfi rustles up some decent Italian, but if the belly’s calling for pizza, give Est a go. Thin, crusty with off-beat topping medleys – grab a bottle of vino and settle into this ant-sized eatery late into the night (a heads-up that food takes a while when they’re busy).

Cheap n’ Cheery. Yiannis on Hindley – the saving grace of UniSA West students, where charcoal spit-roasted meat finds its way into what many believe is Adelaide’s most delicious yiros (translation: kebab, souvlaki for those interstate; the name debate rages on but we’ll save this discussion for another fair weathered day). For an oriental fix amble along Gouger Street or Moonta Street, where you’ll find a sprinkling of Asian restaurants of various descriptions. Truth be told, the Asian food scene in town is fairly average, but one can be guaranteed a decent filling at the least. Alternatively, scoot over to Central Market and create a picnic basket of fresh fruit, bread (Dough), olives and cheese (The Smelly Cheese Shop, Say Cheese) and collapse in one of Adelaide’s many inner-city parklands.

Smart-casual/fancy. Apart from the aforementioned Chianti, one should hunt out Leigh StreetCOS Restaurant and Rigoni’s are worth a try. Other notable lunch eateries include Georges on Waymouth, Bisto Dom and Pranzo (uber quick service here, if word-of-mouth is anything to go by). Newcomer Celsius also presents a reputably slick offering. The Greek is next on my must-try list, judging from its welcoming exteriors and the whistling of favourable reviews.

Adelaide, what are some of YOUR favourite inner-city dining secrets?

Amalfi 29 Frome Street. Au Matin Calme 210 Hutt St. Belgium Beer Cafe 27-29 Ebenezer Place. Bistro Dom 24 Waymouth Street . Celsius 95 Gouger Street. Central Market 45 Gouger Street. Chianti Classico 160 Hutt St. COS Restaurant 18 Leigh Street. East Terrace Continental 6 East Terrace. Est 30 East Terrace. Georges on Waymouth 20 Waymouth Street. Nano Ready 2 Go 23 Ebenezer Plc.  Pranzo 46 Exchange Place. Rigoni’s 27 Leigh Street. The Greek 75/79 Halifax St. Wasai 9/15 Field St. Yiannis on Hindley 270 Hindley St.

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