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Kefi – A Greek Wonderthing

6 Aug

I might anger a few. I might even cause a minor riot. But one simply struggles to sleep at night without  hooting the horn on the sensation that is Kefi. No doubt Kefi’s loyal following would be a tad miffed that with more people in the know, snagging a table at the already “packed-to-the-brim-busting-at-the-seams” mecca of deliciousness would be that much harder.

Oh, turmoil.

Truly, the tables in this buzzing eatery are so close together that one can literally reach over and swipe at a neighbor’s juicy saganaki (and indeed, I want to). The back of our chairs were constantly bumped by waiters bearing towering platters, and there were plenty of laughter and happy chatter in the air – a hub of jolly mayhem. My kind of dining.

Old black and white pictures dot the shady walls, a prologue of the meal to come.  And what a meal it was. Kefi is the sort of place where one craves to order everything on the menu. Ah, the annoyance of practicality.

Dips and pitas were quickly ordered – fluffy flatbread with the bubbly aeration resembled in good focaccia, sourced from a specialist producer in Melbourne – great to have on the table for a large party. Char-y octopus tentacles were tender yet meaty to the bite and served atop a fresh tomato and cucumber salsa-like salad. The Mixed Skaras included juicy Greek sausages, smoky lamb cutlets, grilled pork cutlets, and lamb and chicken skewers with potatoes, tzatziki, salad and more of those pillow-y pitas thrown into the works. The fulfillment of every individual’s meat fantasy.

Other dishes that had us salivating at the edge of our tables were the saucy meatballs, salmon spanakopitas and Herculean platters of hot, golden crisp calamari and prawns. Be warned that the gargantuan sizes of Kefi’s dishes stretch to obscenity – no doubt you will receive your fill and roll away a very satisfied (and albeit garlicky) blimp.

Service is prompt though a touch hectic, yet genuine and personable. Such a pleasure to find sincerity in the front-of-house, a dying trait in the service industry.

There is only one word to sum up Kefi, and that’s generous. In a world that’s rather cold and sometimes grey, it is lovely to find a small gem where fun, food and laughter runs abundant. So leave your troubles at the door, and be prepared for a true feast (in every sense of the word).

Kefi Greek Cuisine

61 Tapleys Hill Road, Glenelg North

Tel: 08 8350 9199

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