Market Square Adelaide

26 Jun

The recent disappearance of the Rundle Street Markets has left a few Adelaide folk in a fuddle. Well, market-hunters – if the news has somehow escaped you, you’d be pleased to know that three months back, the bazaar on Rundle Street was reincarnated into what is now known as Market Square Adelaide.

Located a stone’s throw away from its original location (if you’re fairly optimistic about your athletic ability), the same vendors from Rundle Street have now settled themselves onto the calm green of Hindmarsh Square. A small handful of food fanatics have set up stall alongside vendors selling jewellery, clothes, body care products and other “market-y”  thingamabobs.

Laden with baskets and wooden urns of exotic spices, flavoured sea salt and condiments, is the fragrant Beach Organics stall. This pit-stop for all things certified organic sells a variety of hard-to-find ingredients such as White Muntok Pepper, cold-pressed coconut oil, raw cacao butter and traditionally ground coconut palm sugar, among all others – perfect for “Masterchefs-in-training” or for those having a crack at ethnic recipes. If you’re hard-pressed to find good quality vanilla, then look no further as Beach Organics carries sustainable vanilla pods and other vanilla-based products to settle your pastry woes (e.g. extract, paste, powder, vanilla palm sugar etc.). Boasting a four-hectare property in the Fleurieu Peninsula and farms in Indonesia, this SA-based charge is led by the very cordial Mr Barry Beach, and has a loyal following both locally and Australia-wide.

New to the markets is A Delicious Design, a perky, sugar-laced stand of pretty pastel treats such as cupcakes, macaron pops, marshmallow pops and the current American-craze: cake pops. I must say, it is queer how food becomes that much more enjoyable when jammed onto one end of a stick. Well, as satay has had its moment of glory, it’s now time for pastry to have its turn on the skewer, as this new stall is set to have kids (and a few adults I believe) bouncing off the walls in a sugar-high frenzy.

Reigning ‘pet favourite’ at the markets is Jonny’s Kettle Corn. Bright as sunshine, this yellow-red stand churns out schrummy yummy popcorn of three delish flavours – cheese, sweet n’ salty and caramel. Those of you who find salty popcorn at the movies too one-dimensional, get your paws on a pack of Jonny’s and you’ll be the envy of all your movie mates (you could share..but…). If you miss out on Sundays, they also supply to Carousel Nut Bar (Stall 76 at Central Markets), several Foodland outlets and a smattering of other retail joints around SA (refer to site if experiencing popcorn emergency). Led by the cheeriest couple in the popcorn-biz, Jonny’s Kettle Corn gets my personal “gold-star” at Market Square.

Some other food-spots at the bazaar include SA Nuts & Confectionery, The Cake Charmer (for a quickie cupcake fix), The Hot Dog Hut, Wild Fox Wines and the much-loved Poffertjes (dime-sized Dutch pancakes) stand.

Since its trip down the south end of Pulteney Street, the market has fallen slightly quiet, away from activity of Rundle Street. So good people, why not show our support and pay a visit to our friendly vendors over at Market Square? Pass the word, or simply pass by. On the flipside, the market is also a opportune launching pad for those toying with the idea of starting up their own venture. There’s plenty of room on the green.

So brave the cold this winter, and seize the day – head out and enjoy your local offerings. All in the name of good food.

Market Square Adelaide
Hindmarsh Square
Adelaide City

Sundays 9am-4pm


6 Responses to “Market Square Adelaide”

  1. Grace August 14, 2011 at 6:42 pm #

    oooh – is my beloved Twisted Potato stall anywhere in sight at these markets?? 🙂

    • Talking With Your Mouth Full August 14, 2011 at 9:51 pm #

      unfortunately no..:( but its sold in town from a wee korean (ish) corner restaurant.. so no need to wait for markets dearie..

    • Market Square August 30, 2011 at 8:57 am #

      We are working on the Twisted potoato’s and we should see them arrive soon!

  2. Ling @ Foodie Ling April 17, 2013 at 3:58 pm #

    Oh my…and this whole time I wasn’t aware of this? Thanks for posting!!

  3. Amit pandey June 27, 2013 at 5:04 pm #

    a lovely food complex with high yelding food

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