A Soft Spot for: Melt CBD

25 Feb

On rare occasions – when the stars align – one can immediately tell that they’re  in for a good meal just by stepping into a restaurant. This, is one of those instances.

The scattering of lawn-green chalkboard surfaces, psychedelic graffiti mural and gleaming tiled bar was enough to show that the Melt team knows how to piece together a cool urban eatery. And indeed they do, judging by the reception of the original Melt in Hyde Park.

Housed on Waymouth St, this sequel to the Melt empire is already bustling despite opening only late last year. City slickers flock to this retro-chic joint for tapas, wine and creative pizzas. Our table made the fortuitous decision of ordering the prawn pizza/$23 (prawns, green harissa, fior di latte, tomato, preserved lemon & parsley) – a festival of flavours on a steaming, thin-crust base. Downright tasty. Some others that caught my eye were the Patatas pizza/$19 (crushed potato, porcini & truffle, mozzarella, taleggio, walnuts, thyme) and The Turk/$18 (lamb, pine-nuts, pomegranate, provolone, yoghurt, mint, sumac). Note: Gluten-free bases available with a $3 surcharge.

Our wildcard tapas order was of jellied pork with crispy daikon remoulade/$12 – a contemporary leap from the bistro-staple pate. The curious gelatinous terrine was radically different; and while I personally enjoyed it, I suspect some might be unaccustomed to its unique texture. Subsequently, we partook of the chocolate and pistachio pizza with Frangelico cream/$16 – one out of the two dessert pizzas on offer. The flavours were pleasing, with the only issue being a slightly underbaked base (understandably to prevent the chocolate burning, but then again there are ways around it). But none of that really mattered. We ate like kings.

I particularly fancied the mint-flavoured water that the friendly waiters kept pouring into my glass (details do make the meal). And if that’s not enough, select from their wide-flung list of wines and beverages (they have a neat  “wee” selection of Scottish single malts). Other interesting features are a small private dining room in the back section of the restaurant and a function space upstairs.

So like I said, once in a while, when the stars come in order – one knows that they’re  in for a good feed just by stepping into a restaurant. And if you haven’t had that feeling yet, try stepping into Melt CBD.

Rating: 16/20 Very, very likeable.

38 Waymouth St,

Adelaide 5000.

(08) 82116723
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2 Responses to “A Soft Spot for: Melt CBD”

  1. Jade February 27, 2011 at 1:26 pm #

    looks yummy!

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