Tasting Notes: Clarendon Hills Brookman Merlot 1999

22 Feb


This brick-red coloured drop (showing gentle tinges of brown) travelled a short one hour from Blewitt Springs, SA, into a particular writer’s thirsty glass – a fortunate cause.


This McLaren Vale neighbour did not disappoint. Dusty, savoury, briny on the nose with whiffs of sundried tomato and dried muscatels – an inquisitive start. The palate held up excellently and what impressed the most was its balance. Having the desired smokiness of an aged merlot, whilst a surprising element of freshness still present. Dried red berries lingered amongst savoury notes; a medium-bodied wine.


Best enjoyed stag (the wine, not in company). Partly serious, exceptionally easy.

*Retailed at around A$70. Buy online or scour specialty bottle shops.


2 Responses to “Tasting Notes: Clarendon Hills Brookman Merlot 1999”

  1. jm February 22, 2011 at 10:49 pm #

    Hey, great blog, and finally a wine post! Hooray! Dusty, briney, savoury berries… I’m thirstly already! Lets do some serious bottles when I come over to keep you occupied writing more wine reviews like this. Hehe!

    Fantastic work, and keep writing!

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